Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going on a Greener Vacation

We had a great long weekend to cap off the kid's spring break. We got to hang with a celebrity, but that's for a later post. He's really a much nicer guy than he's portrayed on TV, and that's all I'll say about that, although Stimey knows what I'm talking about. Thanks to him, though, we got to enjoy a relatively inexpensive and nature filled weekend up in lovely Susanville.

No TV watching in this house, and I believe I heard a dial-up modem. So the kids suckered some guys in a game of catch and three flies out game in the street. One guy mentioned my kids must never play in the street, as the two times he yelled "car" they looked around and ran in random directions. Someday I hope to live on a street where there are kids that play in the street.

That night we got to stay in an actual cabin. A little cabin down the way from a huge wooden house up on top of the hills of Janesville (pop ~3000). The owner and his son actually built this place on their own.

There were rocks to climb.

and hikes to take. Oddly we saw a bunch of deer down in the little neighborhood above, but were never around the cabin at the right time to see any wildlife. Keegan's going to tell his teacher we saw a mountain lion anyway. It was hilarious to watch the kids pick out their "hunting weapons" - including pinecones and sticks to spear moles for some reason.

We left on Sunday in a search for much coveted snow. There is very little they love more than snow and hardly ever get to see it. We managed to make a few scores on the way to our stopping point.

It's an ice rock!

Some sort of weird pose in the snow.

In order to break up the ride home, we stayed the night in Red Bluff, where there happened to be a rodeo going on, a big old wild west show and carnival, which we managed to skip.

We did let them get their TV fix finally on our last morning, but also played in a muddy river before heading back home.

This post was inspired by the latest book for the Silicon Valley Moms blog virtual book club. It's National Geographic's Green Guide Families and it's got some wonderful ideas for babies and kids and adults too.

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  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! Very cool!

    And I'm still kinda glowing over your encounter with your celebrity. Is that weird?