Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's do some Science for a Virtual Science Fair

There are certain woman who I've been fortunate enough to briefly meet in real life, but I feel I know them really well from their blogs. It doesn't matter to me that I only know them through their writing, I can tell they are inspiring, funny, caring and extremely bright. Quite a while ago I joined. One of these woman is Susan aka WhyMommy, a brilliant scientist and an amazing mommy, as well as a cancer survivor who reached out to educate and inspire, well, way too many people to count on the blogosphere. Susan is having surgery today, and Stimey came up with the cool idea for us to have a virtual science fair in her honor.

Scientists are great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm married to one and my son wants to be one when he grows up. They are problem solvers who have a passion for learning about the world. I'm very glad the kids get science once a week, and as a volunteer I've gotten to see the kids ooh and aww over creepy crawly bugs, pour water all over the table and test how many paper clips it takes to make various wood sink. I also got to hear from dad and son about the snail races, boy is kindergarten science cool.

We (well, Keegan) just participated in his third annual science fair, and proclaimed he will do this every year. He comes up with these unique ideas, and fortunately doesn't want my help, since I am often at a loss as to what goes on his is creative little mind.

Year one he asked "why do we have electricity?" After hemming and hawing and having my dad draw a little diagram, he gave us the answer, "to make things run." Year two he used his new microscope to look at various objects in the garden and draw pictures. No, it was not exactly solving a problem or developing a hypothesis, but he did it all on his own at 6 years old, and had a blast.
This year he decided to solve a problem he's seen his poor folks struggle with, the tangled up headphones. He designed, with many iterations, and built a set of headphones that you wear around your waist. Oh sure, you could purchase wireless ones, and yes, these aren't the most flattering accessory for a stylish woman like his mom, but I'm proud of my boy.

Sending our thoughts and love out to you, Susan.


  1. What a super creative guy you have there! Very cool! And although I am personally horrified by the snail races, I can see how kiddos would love it!

    Thanks so much for taking part in the science fair!

  2. I love your kiddo already! I thoroughly enjoy teaching science. Kids like yours make it fun.