Monday, February 15, 2010

In The land of the blind, yada yada yada

I saw a post (tweet, facebook, I don't know) that dissed people with 300 followers and 269 friends calling themselves a "social media expert." What about 590 followers? How about if probably half of those are random companies I've never heard of? Guess if I was really a social media expert I'd at least have the link to that post right at my fingertips.

Tonight, though, someone wanted to hire me to build up their web, facebook, twitter and myspace (myspace, I'm afraid of that space) presence. So I sent an email with my thoughts, then spoke with the business owner for about 20 minutes on what I think he needed to do. We ended the conversation talking about my mom who had to go to the hospital yesterday. Yes, it was my brother's store, and my dad who wants to hire me, and no, I'm not going to take anything from my brother's fledgling store or my dad/free babysitter. They spent way to much money on a website and I see such potential.

You can see why so many want to call themselves social marketing experts. When someone has barely heard of twitter and you start talking about mommybloggers who will crash a website with a single mention and link to a new small business, you feel a teensie bit of prowess. So I'm going to see what I can do, and hope we can build him a bigger audience that this little blog o' mine. If anyone of the real experts out there want to pitch in, well, free toys are in the cards. First order of business, a header.

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