Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your kids don't play chess? How will they ever get into college?

Keegan loves trying new things, and watching him get right back up after falling off his skateboard, getting "rug burn" from a trampoline or pulling a groin slipping on wet grass in soccer is inspiring. The one area he is not comfortable is taking direction from other people, besides coach daddy that is. Donovan, on other hand, pretty much needs only one thing to make him want to join in, other kids...preferably slightly older boys but he's not too picky. So I was really excited when Donovan wanted to sign up for chess now that he's in kindergarten and has a chance for "after school activities." I was hoping Keegan would see how much fun he was having, and join i the fun.

They are both jocks for sure, but they can't help but reek of geekyness, what with the multiple advanced degrees in the family and a nephew who learned to read and play chess before he was potty-trained. Sadly, I know the rules of chess and that's pretty much it, although I can beat an average 5 year old. Brian's good at many things that he doesn't particularly enjoy teaching. This is the first thing in a while Keegan's signed up and he just loves it. Five minutes after the first class he complained he'd have to wait a week before the next one.

Seriously, though, in this class what's not to love?

Chess with the world's sweetest chess player - this is Donovan with one of Keegan's classmates, who's been playing chess for a while.

Chess Master Ryan in the back there - I want to say a teenager, but that's probably my age showing.

And Chess Master D is in the house. Heard this guy was from a family of 9 and loves chess and children.

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