Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day in the Wild

We didn't exactly have a romantic valentine's day, although my husband did get us tickets to Wicked for the end of February. The beautiful flowers at the Wild Zone was good enough for me, especially as I've gotten my chocolate fix with the German chocolates my new cube made brought back. I am just so proud of the structure I my boys made. This was our third trip and we finally figured out what to do.

The organizers brought bunches and bunches of flowers. They were laid out right by our little fort, and little kids get grabbing handfuls and jabbing them into the side, only to be removed by adults so that more kids could use the flowers. I resisted the urge to yell, "those aren't my kids, I'm not letting mine take all the flowers!"

Keegan had this need to pull as many petals as he could off the roses to decorate the entrance. Purty.

They didn't exactly finish building the teepee so I had to take over. Keegan asked if he could make a fire, and I readily agreed. It would get him out of my hair so I could work in peace, and I didn't think he could really make fire.

They made a valiant effort, but when they sadly came over to ask for help I had to tell them no, I didn't want to make a fire. I then confessed that it's really really hard and I didn't expect them to succeed, and I wouldn't really allow a fire anyway. The Villians may have done it with only sticks and shrubs, but they had a lot more motivation.

Hope y'all had a lovely Valentine's Day

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