Friday, September 25, 2009

Gratitude Day 3...Thankful Today

It's day three, just barely, and today's topic is something I'm thankful for today. Today was a pretty good day, I got to sleep and I'm thankful to dad for taking the kids to school. Something I'm really thankful for is that Keegan has such great friends. We went to a birthday party after school, where they ran around finding clues to a mystery, who stole the cupcakes? Further proof you don't need a lot of money for an awesome party, just creativity, notepads and 10 energetic little boys. The birthday boy was one of his best buddies and they don't get to be in class together this year.

These friends also have great parents, and in fact the school has so many wonderful families where I'm making friends too. These photos are from a recent school camping trip where we all had a blast.

I feel very lucky to be at this school, where not only are the kids learning Spanish, but we get to be part of a friendly and diverse community.

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