Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gratitude Day 2...the Alphabet

Today's challenge is to use the alphabet to write down all those little things for which you are grateful. Here goes...

Apples, the fruit my son loves.
Brian, my loving husband, and bubbles in the bath
Cantaloupe, note the fruit theme
Donovan of course, my cuddly and super strong second born surprise baby
Eating, something I love too much
Froggies, tiny ones which used to over run my mom's office a few weeks a year
Giggles and guitar hero
Heidi, my sister
Jokes, both funny and not when told by my kids
Keegan, my first born and miracle baby
Loren, my brother
Napkins, for messy hands
Octopus, whether watching them at the aquarium or eating them fried
Puddles of water
Quick queen of quincy and her quacking quackeroo
Recycle, Reduce, Reuse - thank you Jack Johnson
Saturday and Sunday - no school! (Keegan helped me with these last two)
Trees, shady trees while we wait for Keegan to get out of school (Topubu and tortuga - the kids' contributions)
Underpants, cute little boy's underpants
Violet, the color and the flower
X, uh, the letter x is pretty cool
My yellow purse, it's big and reminds me of spring
Zebras, they have to coolest coloring

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