Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gratitude, continued

I got a little behind here, but I did try to call someone I haven't spoken to in a really long time, which was the challenge from a few day's ago. My wonderfully eccentric grandma died many years ago, but her sister, my great aunt, is still alive. She lives in Florida and I would say falls into the dysfunctional family category. This woman's favorite thing to do was shop and eat at incredible restaurants, she was a blast to visit. I've heard she's pretty lonely out in Florida, and I'm going to try to get out and visit her with the kids. She's never met them, and I have not been out since a visit with my ex-husband when he was still my boyfriend.

The day 7 challenge was to take a picture of something that makes me feel grateful. I've posted several photos of my family, so today I tried to find something else. This first, which seems a bit shallow, is of the San Jose Earthquakes. I always imagined having some nights free once the boys were old enough to attend the games with their dad, and I didn't know if I'd ever see that day once the team moved to Houston. They started a new team, though, and this is the first year both kids go and cheer the team on with daddy. They have a blast, have been on the field a few times and know many of the players. Soccer itself makes me grateful as well, it gives my kids and husband a passion, keeps them active and it's just a great sport for kids. Someday I may even play again.

This next photo is of a bunch of kids from our school. I'm really grateful to have found this elementary school for the kids, with the truly awesome and caring teachers, great kids and close community. I guess it was worth the hours I spent in line that morning 3 years ago. We joined a small group of families for a camping trip to Mount Madonna, and while they didn't drink nearly as much coffee or wine as I 'm used to at my previous camping experiences, we still had a blast.

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