Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cake Wrecks, the Movie!

Okay, not really, although I'm I'm betting the success of Julie & Julia will turn all those "blog to book" stories into blog to movies. I did head on up to San Francisco to attend the book signing for one of my all time favorite blog's new book. Whew, did ya get all that. I'm sure you've heard of it, it's hilarious. Can I just say, how did I not know how awesome the Ferry Building was? That's going to be the kids' next field trip, but I digress.
First up, this is me and the author of the blog, Jen, I felt so tall around her, but she makes up for it in funny.
Here's my cupcake submission. Yes, she had a contest at every stop of the best "wreplica." This was "too small balloons" (which Jen wrote on my book inscription)

There were five entries here, five, I know... And I could not even make it into the top three. These were the top three, so guess it makes sense. Are these not awesome?
Go immediately to the blog to find the real deals, plus lots and lots..and lots of other funny cakes. The best was running into the winner (belly cake) and her daughter (spongebob cake) and commenting how none of us got a second glance walking down the streets of SF with a wacky cupcake in our hand.
It was a long drive, although great opportunity to get a lot farther in my curent book on tape, and I didn't even get to go to Blue Bottle coffee, but glad I went. And just for you, dear readers I bought an extra book, which I am giving away over on my review blog.

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