Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 5 Count My Blessings

It's day five of the gratitude challenge, made it this far. It is time to count my blessings. I've got a lot, really, and I try my best to appreciate them. I'll stick to 10 here, because it's late and I'm afraid I'll delve into the negative if I stay up much later.

1. No question my two boys are my greatest blessings, I am so lucky to have them.

2. Their wonderful dad and my loving husband would be next

3. We are very fortunate to have my mom and dad who are there for us and especially our kids whenever we need them, unless they decide to head off for a three week road trip to Tennessee.

  1. 4. Brian's mom lives farther away, but has also been a great blessing in my life, especially compared to my first MIL

5. The rest of my family, with all their foibles, with a special shout-out to cousin Jordan, a visitor from the lone star state every summer

6. We are lucky and grateful to have the basics, a house, food, clothes, and lots of extras including the luxury of being able to replace a lost pair of soccer shoes even in these hard times.

7. I love our school, the opportunity to volunteer, and the great community and teachers there. Not to mention all the friends my kids have made and the kick-ass soccer players.

8. I have to mention my friends who are not at the school. I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but I know they are there for the special moments, or when I need support.

9. I'm certainly happy we get to live in the bay area, with it's awesome weather and multitude of activities.

10. Finally I'll mention this blog, the Internet, the opportunity to write, make virtual friends who turn into real life ones and visa versa.

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