Sunday, May 24, 2009

More than ready for the final pull-up

Two days dry. That's the current count according to mom for number of dry nights for Donovan. According to Donovan, it's been 11 nights. It doesn't help that he throws away the evidence each morning before I get up, although that is so much more preferable than leaving them on the floor for the dogs to eat. Gross. Somehow he managed to convince me to let him sleep without a pull-up last night. He woke up in our bed as usual, and had new pjs on so I asked if he'd peed in his bed last night. "No mommy. I was hot so wanted to change into shorts pajamas and when I got up to change I tripped over my pajama pants to change my pajamas. That's why I'm wearing new pajamas this morning. I didn't pee last night." He also had a bridge he wanted to sell me.

Why is this kid so much harder to potty train than the last one? Keegan was potty trained at 2 1/2 with very little effort on our part, and even two weeks in nighttime pull-ups was one week more than necessary. Donovan was just barely trained by three, and frankly he was only "trained" so we could start him at the preschool or he would have lost his spot. Now at 5 he's still in pull-ups at night. Frankly I'm at a loss as to how to train a kid at night, and the doctor says kids need to be producing some enzyme or something before they can stop peeing at night, so there really is nothing you can do. But boy are we ready, and poor Donovan, who still looks adorable in his pull-ups, especially when he jumps into guitar hero and forgets his pjs, is tired of having to put them on each night.

The family remains helpful in their own special ways. Grandma has diagnosed him with a genetic issue, given that my husband has surgery "down there" so must be related. She is determined to find "the problem." He's also one of these kids who still occasionally has an accident when he's distracted or in the car and can't get to a potty quick enough. Keegan helps by sniffing his crotch periodically and yelling out "he peed!" or "he didn't pee!"

We just keep on buying more pull-ups, and not the generic brand mind you, which sadly failed the overnight leak test. Like they say, no kid ever goes to college in diapers, although at this rate he may be starting kindergarten in pull-ups.

This post was inspired by the Parent Bloggers Network and The Potty Project from the Pull-ups brand, which has got to be amusing with a name like that.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2009

    You've probably heard it before, and I guarantee you'll hear it again and again and again. Boys take longer than girls. Boys take so long you regret not buying stock in Huggies. Boys take so long that you buy wine in bulk instead.
    My oldest son is 8 and still not not trained. His younger brother is almost five and still not night trained. I have made my peace with it, because the stress was killing me. The oldest also had trouble upon trouble with day training; the younger was trained in a couple months before he turned 3. The oldest is a dead-to-the-world heavy sleeper and that's why he doesn't make it through the night. I was the same way until I was almost 10...and there were no pullups then. LOL!
    It'll be ok, but please (and you can flush this if it ticks you off, trust me, I would), please relax about this. He will pick up on your stress about it, and it'll stress him out, and it just spirals. Guess how I learned that? Yeah. It's also why I buy wine in bulk. LOL!
    It'll be ok. Promise.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Actually, I'm more stressed about having to convince the little guy to put a pull-up on each night, and the conversations with my mom :)

  3. I couldn't resist commenting--since you've read my blog about my daughter who never did anything according to the rules. #1 she proved that girls CAN be harder to train than boys---she was reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books years before she got out of diapers.
    #2 she did get to college without diapers---although as you know, that took longer too. LOL