Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few of my favorite views

I sent this photo to my husband the other day.

This scene, right here, is one of my favorite aspects of this new house we are renting. I can stand in my kitchen and whip up a culinary masterpiece while watching my children play outside and barely have to turn around. The owners have even placed a gate between this and the grass, so the dogs can wander out without digging up the garden, and there's even a cover so they can play in the rain.

I have to admit I love watching my sports obsessed boys doing a little artwork. They painted a mural for our Passover setting, and Donovan didn't even turn everything to his favorite color - mix all the colors together brown. Anytime I see my kids getting a little crafty, seeing their creative juices flowing, and especially taking over the scrap booking duties...check 'em out (pants optional).

And here's one last photo, which is not at our home, but absolutely warms my heart. Those of you with two kids, two boys, siblings close in age or years apart know how heart warming it is when your kids play together. Fighting means love, but hugging is the best.

This post was inspired by Windex and Parent Bloggers Network who have asked us to share our best view.

1 comment:

  1. What talented artists they are! Very multi-talented boys.

    I am so jealous. I would LOVE to be able to fully view my kids from my kitchen window. We do have a window and a glass door, but I want more visibility. I REALLY want a slider or better yet, French doors LOL!

    Yeah, totally warms the heart when my kids get along. That picture is darling.