Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone is having a wonderful mother's day. I've taken it upon myself to ensure I get everything that I want, starting with a quick shopping trip on Thursday, awesome sangria at the uber hip Sino, bit of wine tasting today and finally this post, where I'm just going to share some random stuff in my head.

Last year all I wanted was a day off from making meals, but still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. My husband came through. Since I've left work, I just don't feel that pressure, the overwhelming responsibility, the inability to decide one single more meal. Now I'm cooking away, feel relaxed except when actively looking for a job, so I really, truly don't need anything. That's convenient, considering we'll be lunching with my husband's visiting friend, and the two of them will be heading off to see the Dead mother's day night.

Some sad news. The super talented, funny as hell, larger than life, and lover of all things delicious Dom Deluise died last week. I'm not sure how this fits into the universe's karmic balance, but that same week my plans included baking his super rich and easy to make “Death by Chocolate” cake for the teacher appreciation lunch at Keegan's school. I also baked a tray of meatballs for spaghetti and meatballs last night, which always brings to mind the photo in his cookbook "Eat this, It Will make you feel better.” I absolutely love that cookbook, and have made that cake over and over to rave reviews. All the recipes include funny and touching stories about his family. The cake recipe is the only one that has a not from scratch version, and it's what got me started on the idea of adding pudding, chocolate chips, sour cream and/or liqueur when making a cake from a box, whatever you have on hand. I had no idea he was in so many movies, and we're going to watch a few in his honor.

Here are the kids before their big race, a fund raiser for Zimbabwe orphans. Donovan got 4th place in the 220 yd pre-K run, Keegan got second to last in his 1 mile run. Next year we'll train. I was so proud of him for finishing and not dwelling on his results. In fact he walked around telling everyone his brother got 4th, his little girlfriend got 6th and he got last (official results showed he was not quite last).

And I leave you with these cute photos of the kids at a Happy Birds party.

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