Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mmm...Comfort Food

I was so excited when I heard the name of the book for the next installment of the SV Moms virtual book club, Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs. I wouldn't call myself a foodie, although I love food, especially the memories some food invokes, and I admit I do use food as a source of comfort and joy. Not to mention my love of recipes, especially when the appear on the pages of a heartwarming novel.

It's appropriate that my MIL's here and I'm planning to send her home with the book. She always tries to make some of my husband's favorite foods when we visit, not to mention trying out new stuff for the kids. Puff the Magic pancake is a recent favorite that's become a tradition. Feijoada and Bierox (better get grandma's recipe, which has sauerkraut and onion soup mix) are two meaty dishes that warm you, body and soul. For my husband's birthday last year I made egg rolls, chicken almond and the ooey gooey pudding dish, that you seriously cannot eat without a big old smile on your face.

My personal comfort foods are mashed potatoes, oatmeal, ice cream, stuff you don't have to work too hard to consume. But I love to make my own childhood favorites, like meatloaf in a loaf of sourdough, whole wheat french toast and peanut butter, bananas and honey sandwiches. I loved being sick, when my mom would make me poached eggs and toast, jello, and my personal favorite, custard. I sent my dad out to get it while I was recovering from my ectopic pregnancy, but I swear Cafe Barrone custard did not hold a candle to my mom's lowfat version.

I really enjoyed the book, the talk of food and family, although I did find it a bit idealistic with some slightly far-fetched situations. Head on over to Silicon Valley Moms blog tomorrow for links to posts and reviews.
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  1. Yummy, mashed potatoes!

    I'm definitely no foodie either, but I do love food and I enjoy trying to make new dishes.