Friday, May 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy Fail

Keegan lost his first tooth. I am so proud of his toothless grin, as in only missing one lone tooth. We managed to get the only kid who moaned in pain as it got looser and looser, complaining endlessly that it either hurt or "felt funny" which was probably not a good omen when it came to the whole tooth fairy thing. He lost it chomping on some corn and oh, the blood, the horrible blood. We all recovered and icked out at the little hole. The whole time my "eat an apple" joke ala Andrew's Loose Tooth got not one single laugh. Harrumph.

So next steps? First we put the itty bitty thing in his pwecious first tooth box, a pretty little Irish ceramic container from grandma. Therefore, of course, he forgot to put the tooth under the pillow. Dad had already spilled the beans about the tooth fairy anyway, but I didn't care. I was a bit confused, though, if you are supposed to keep that first tooth, where does the tooth fairy exchanging it for a $1 come in (we live in the South Bay, so the most kids can expect is perhaps a cool $2 bill). I snuck in the next morning anyway and shoved a dollar under his pillow.

At breakfast Keegan said the tooth fairy didn't come, and dad said it was his (dad's) fault for putting the tooth in that container on the shelf instead of under his pillow. I chimed in with my subtle "are you sure she didn't come?" and after three times he went to check. The kids somehow, miraculously, figured out it was mommy, so we got a little plastic container to keep the tooth nice and safe under his pillow. I still have no idea if he believes in the tooth fairy, but Keegan's obsessed enough with money smart enough to give it the old college try. Sure enough another dollar appeared. After negative responses from mom and dad (who now starts playing along, explaining the tooth fairy only leaves the first tooth), Kegan finally concluded it must have been grandma. Poor confused child, I am not looking forward to the Santa discussion this year.

And just to add to the complication, we have another loose tooth today. At least he wasn't crying in pain this time, just relishing the cool factor.

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  1. It's funny I was just packing up our cedar chest that holds "precious things" and found various containers holding baby teeth. Early on I marked each one with the name of the child, later - not so much. So, I have a variety of teeth that I'm not sure belong to which child. I guess the importance of some of the rituals loses their impact when new ones replace them. Like this week is my daughter's sixteenth birthday. wow.