Thursday, April 23, 2009

Win Prizes for Mother's Day

Okay, I'm not giving away any prizes, at least that I know of, but thought I might try to win. I haven't been entering many giveaways since I'm usually reading blogs on my iPhone and it can be a pain to make comments, but there are a few great ones out there right now.

5 Minutes for Mom seems to have a whole series of them. See the banner on the right or link back here.

This Week for Dinner is giving away flowers, and knowing ProFlowers they will be all over the blogosphere.

I have no idea what I'm actually doing to celebrate this year. In the past I've found myself actually cleaning and cooking on the special day, so last year my only request was to not have to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for the whole day (but still eat of course.). This year my husband will be going to a Dead concert with a friend who's visiting. He rejected my idea of going in his stead, being as I'm not quite the deadhead he is and hardly know his friend. And since I get to celebrate not having to go to work and do all the house and child stuff each day, the only thing I really want is not really postable.

Happy very early mother's day y'all and good luck if you are hoping to win something.

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