Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loving being at home, for better or worse

I've now been out of work for 2 months and I wish I could say I was tired of it. Okay, I am much busier than I imagined I'd be, what with picking up my kids, making dinner, playing with my kids, cleaning up and just taking care of all the little things. Now, however, I can add other things to my life, the biggest of which is probably sleep. I occasionally take several hours just to read during the day, total luxury. I spent this morning just hanging out with a friend and her son, and yesterday at a new friend's house, lounging by the pool which was so needed in this weather. I can go to Costco at 10am and avoid the crowds, and make new recipes starting in the early afternoon. And for my mental health, I'm able to just hang out with the kids in the evening without worrying about the work I'll have to do later that evening.

My husband is actually working more, although not bringing in quite as much extra as we'd like. This means I'm spending loads more time alone with the kids, which is fun and exhausting. It makes me wonder, though, what we'll do when I do get a job. Did you notice what was missing from that list above. Besides blogging, which I am having a harder time with than I expected, it's the whole job search thing.

My mom is sure I'll get tired of being at home. That the reason I attempted to throw a huge passover dinner was because I was trying to fill up my time. Want to hear the truth? Five and six year old boys are fun. If I had two screaming babies, which I have in the past, I would probably be dying to go back to work, which I have. The thing is, I really have to go back to work, and the sooner I get a job, the higher chance we can actually pay off some bills and have the savings in case this happens again, without the severance.

I really do not enjoy looking for a job, modifying my resume, networking, researching companies and writing cover letters. Ugh. So without further ado I've listed my top excuses for not looking for a job.

  • I'm on my own, with dad gone for a week in Dallas, no way.
  • It's spring break.
  • It's way too fricken hot.
  • I need to get with the twitter thing, that can only increase my "social marketing" experience, right?
  • The battery in my computer is dead.
  • I should really skip that coffee shop latte and go home to work.
  • As long as I'm home, this place really needs some tidying up.
  • I can't blow off my little boy again, he just wants to play one game of Clue.
  • Now I've had a glass of wine, won't be very productive.
  • Wii Fit and Reginald Hill, not to mention catching up on movies
  • I deserve this time off, barring maternity leave, it's this first time in nearly 20 years.
If you have any excuses to add, or better yet, a job, I'd much appreciate it.

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  1. When I had my first son, I couldn't WAIT to go back to work. Now after three, I just want to stay home. But you're right...it's different when the boys are 5 and 7. Things are fun!