Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jumping on the Shred Wagon

I have absolutely no excuse now not to get in shape. Not working, kids old enough to not hurt themselves at least for the 20 minutes a day I hope to work out. I love the Wii Fit, but frankly it's not going to push me, so I've been sucked in by the twitter shredheads and bloggers. I can even do the 30 day shred level 1 and 2 free with Comcast OnDemand. Actually, there are a ton of workouts, and the kids and I tried a couple dance ones at their request, but they bored quickly and I was afraid I'd fall down.

I think I need to get my kids some of their own weights so they don't grab mine, but otherwise I'm set. I've done the 20 minutes set a total of about 5 times (over the course of 8 days), the first time with cans since I couldn't find my weights. What was really funny was I gave Donovan two small cans of mandarin oranges, and he spent the second 10 minutes asking me to "please open the can for him, please, it's okay to take a little break" after I told him Jillian said no breaks. He also keeps asking why the girls wear shirts "up to here."

I think this before picture still counts, doubt my body has changed at all since I started.

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  1. I've been a shred convert too. First thing in the morning. Friday will mark 2 weeks for me (with only Easter as my day off).
    But there is no way in hell I'm posting a pic of my tummy thankyouverymuch.