Friday, March 6, 2009

Total Randomness with a recipe

Live blogging here, from Cubes & Crayons on my new Dell Mini when what I really should be doing is live searching for jobs and resume writing. It's time, it really is. I've got a couple months, but in this economy, with these utterly depressing headlines and friends losing jobs left and right it may take much longer than that to get a job. But I've been filling my time with lots of cool stuff, and I'm not just talking about the Wii or catching up on episodes of Psych and Ugly Betty.

I've been cooking, and meaning to post recipes like pork in plum jam a dijon mustard sauce (which I of course made with fig jam and hot sweet mustard), but the kids absolutely loved it. I'd weaned them off chicken nuggets and macaroni, but when I heard my son say "chicken again?" I knew something had to change. I scored a great recipe book called 122 Week night Recipes from Sunset (came free with some personalized wine) and the Orange Carnitas were also outstanding (I made that with turkey).

The last two nights we worked on a giant lasagne and next up are the chimichangas my mom used to make. You take a frozen brisket, sear it on all sides then cook it for many, many hours in a combonation of red wine and coffee (or beer and wine, or beer and coffee). The broth makes an awesome base for french onion soup. Shred the meat and sautee with onions and peppers and fill up tortillas. You then fry those up and can freeze them for later, or serve them right away with sour cream and guacamole and salsa and whetever you want. Mmm mmm good.

I've also become a regular at Keegan's school, where tons of help is needed this testing season. Monday I read to the kids, today I had them constuct a water cycle wheel in honor of this lovely wet weather, and I'm tutoring a couple 2nd graders to help then with their first English comprehension standardized test.

But right now, well after I get something to eat and party it up with some fellow moms tonight, I'll turn my attention to this hear job hunt. A friend on a similar quest has sent me some job postings. I hope to get and give advice on the search for those in the same boat. Right before I left work I ramped up my efforts to build my online network, on LinkedIn and to a lesser extent on Facebook (my former new college grads I'd hired are on there.). LinkedIn is an excellent place for finding jobs, and Craigslist and to a much lesser extent Kijiji provided some leads. I also found @JobAngels on twitter but have yet to start participating.

So on that note, off to update my resume. A friend just suggested we need a program which would automatically rearrange the resume to suit different jobs, so if anyone has access to that or funding to start that business let me know. I hate customizing my resume.

I leave you with this, my transformed children.


  1. OMG! You cut their hair. I can't believe it.

  2. Hey Nicole,

    Sorry I didn't get to hang out more on blogging day. It was completely random. I hope the job search went well. We are having a pink slip party at end of April with a bunch of recruiters, career coaches, etc. I'll send you the date when it comes around, so if you are still looking you can do some good networking. Also, check out job listings on Often geared specifically towards moms.