Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cookies and Muffins

What do you do when you and your husband both by massive bunches of bananas? Make banana muffins of course. I used this recipe, replacing the sugar with agave syrup and molasses (for no apparent reason) and using whole wheat flour. I pretty much use whole wheat or this new whole wheat white flour in everything, and only with popovers has it really failed me.

These are the peanut butter kisses we made Thursday to top off a giant lasagna. Keegan's been asking for these cookies since we had them at our lovely neighbor's holiday party, quite the memory this guy has. He's not big on desserts so I love to indulge him. We just used this simple recipe from Finally learned you put the kisses in after the baking.

I sure hope my family is appreciating all this cooking I'm doing these days, although I suspect if I served only grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal no one would ever complain. After reclaiming my KitchenAid, getting a gas stove and losing my job, I'd also like to update my favorite kitchen gadgets. Turns out food does taste yummier not cooked in a crock pot, except for oatmeal, that is. Got to hang with kitchen gadget girl at a blogger event recently and just went over there to see what gadgets she'd recommend. I remembered that I have a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma that I should probably use before they fall victim to this economy. She's got some interesting recommendations but I'm thinking this beater blade would be useful, except why isn't it at WS?

Next up, a fried rice how to.

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