Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mmm... Fried Rice

I bring you delicious fried rice, so good even my husband, not a fan of brown rice, and Donovan, not a fan of anything besides macaroni and cheese, loved it. Next time I'll go for create your own style since there were some ingredients Keegan didn't like. I did get pretty much everything from Trader Joes.

I've listed my ingredients below but you can use whatever veggies and meat you like.

I started with cooked, cold brown Thai style rice. There are lots of types you could use, key is don't over cook and use cold rice and hot oil (canola or peanut would be best, don't think olive gets hot enough and might leave an italian flavor :).

Dried (and soaked) shitake mushrooms and Chinese barbecued pork (which I've recently found at both TJs and Costco) were the yummiest ingredients, at least for moi.

Isn't it all nice an colorful? I cooked veggies first, including onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, garlic and water chestnuts, with soy sauce and rice vinegar. I then added precooked shrimp and chopped up pork. I put all that aside and fried up an egg next, mixed with a bit of soy. I cooked the rice next. Tricky when you cook brown as you aren't really sure when it's browned.

Then added everything to the wok,splash in a bit of sesame oil, and voila, yummy and hearty fried rice, no sides required.

My sister used to make this, and I'm sure this was the only time we ever had preservatives or nitrites or whatever makes the pork so red and so yummy. I haven't made it in eons. I used to make this with my ex-husband, who would never use brown rice. The last time we made it he ended up throwing it against the bedroom wall by the phone. See we were having marital issues and before dinner I'd snuck off with a, uh, well, another guy. Anyway, I called him and he got so pissed he threw the whole thing against the wall, then, being the nice and consciences guy that he is, he cleaned it all up. Glad I'm making new memories with fried rice and a new husband.


  1. haha love the ending.

    I'm so glad to hear that Costco and TJs have the bbq pork. I've been wanting to make fried rice but its just not the same at home without the pork.

  2. You can also get a sesame/soy oil combo at any Asian Market, which is excellent for frying the rice IN; it can get quite hot without smoking up the joint. We don't have Trader Joe's here, but I love the BBQ pork at Costco; it beats anything you can buy in the store. ALSO: at least the otehr husband was kind enough to clean up the mess, ha ha.

  3. You've been busy in the kitchen! Your fried rice sounds so yummy! We love this at home too; I agree with Kori that sesame oil is perfect for this dish.

  4. Mmm. That does sound yummy! My family has yet to be converted to brown rice. A recipe like this might do the trick.