Sunday, February 8, 2009

Show a Little Love

Valentine's Day is coming up, and like many of our celebrations, it's come with the stress of forcing my kids to put heart stickers on paper for their little classmates. Just like with thank-you cards, their best friends end up with three or four each, and good luck for the rest to the crowd. They are really caring souls, just a tad selfish, as is wont for the young crowd (and old, lets be honest). As selfish as we can be, we really do love each other, although it's not always easy for the random onlooker to tell. Besides the old standbys of punching, hugging, attacking with swords, kissing and the old standby, showing with gifts, here's a quick checklist of ways we show our love in this family.
  1. Protection: When mommy threatens to drive off with Donovan unbuckled as he throws a tantrum, Keegan shrieks in horror and complete panic to his badly behaving brother, "buckle yourself, buckle yourself, buckle yourself" while telling me to just give him what he wants.
  2. I love you so much it hurts: Five minutes before the kids are supposed to be asleep, Dad manages to rouse them into a frenzy by reading books in a silly way, sitting on them on the couch and then attempting to carry the boys by only their ears, usually resulting in hysterical laughing and then eventual whining and crying.

  3. Pure and total ownership: Donovan's soft little belly, it's mine, to blow raspberries on whenever I want. My arms, Donovan's claims these are his, especially when I'm trying to type, turn a page in a book, take a shower, pretty much anytime I need them and he wants me. He affectionally grabs my arm in a death grip. He also has a weird nose fetish, grabbing and kissing random our noses at every opportunity.
  4. Unwanted affection: Keegan, my sweetie, longs to hug his sad brother and kiss that chubby cheek. Donovan, never one to give anyone what they want, repeatedly pushes him away, but later in the bath shows his thanks by sticking his but in his face and laughing hysterically.

  5. Sharing our toys: Yes, we love our cars and racetracks, computers and iPhones, puzzles and nerf guns, but, on occasion, we lovingly share. If lovingly can be describes as "as soon as I write this email" or the famous "when I'm done."

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Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!

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  1. There's so much I can relate to in this post!

    It was great to see you on Friday night. Hope to see you at more blog events in the near future.