Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Well, I still have my slippers on and forgot deodorant, but I made it out of the house. I also left my job postings sitting right on my husband's desk, but I can at least go back to craigslist to avoid that 2nd trip home. Day three of no job and I'm writing my first blog post and applied to only two jobs. In this economy I suspect you need to get into the hundreds to have a shot at something. But I did manage to put together a semi-fun valentine's day breakfast for the family, even got the boys to help. And I got what I asked for even though I only mentioned it yesterday, a halfway decent travel mug, in sparkly red, of course.

I give you heart shaped french toast and decorated plates. Voila! Perhaps I could become a personal chef or party planner, if I didn't have to clean up afterward and nobody minded the occasional burnt offering. You can also feast your eyes on my son's homemade valentine creations, he may have whined and complained and made me do half, but we got 24 done and turned in on time. I swear I didn't force this on them, but when I saw heart stickers and foam cards for sale at my new favorite dollar store, I snapped them up. I know the cool kids give candy and spongebob cards, but we went our own way.

Happy Valentines Day

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  1. I was watching the news where a bunch of people were at a job fair (all talking about being on the hunt for months). I think more than ever it's about customizing your resume to ensure it has all the key-words in the job description. Most companies these days are using software that searches a resume database for keywords and years experience.

    good luck. I'm impressed that you are even sending out resumes on Day three. I'd probably still be in bed convincing myself that I deserve a break. :)