Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stop Grabbing Them and other Tales from the Kid Comedian Zone

So my sons like to grab my boobs, who the heck knows why? Maybe the squishy feeling of the padding, possibly they bring back memories of their nurturing goodness, mostly likely that inborn knowledge kids have of doing exactly what they are not supposed to. I try not to make a big deal of it (we know what that leads to), but do tell him he just can't do that.

But yesterday I was already annoyed at them for making me gulp down brunch so I could get them out of there to burn off some energy (not to mention yelling "I have to poop!" in the deadly quiet restaurant.) Keegan jumped up to give them a little squeeze, I told him to stop it, yelling "you are not allowed to do that!"

His response, "then why are they there?" I had no answer to that.

And just so Keegan doesn't get all the laughs, this morning I turned around in the middle of a conference call, only to be handed a wad of toilet paper and presented with a naked bottom up in the air. This is why I only make calls from my house with Donovan around when it's absolutely necessary.

I'm home this morning since Keegan had his tonsils out yesterday. They've been up since 6am. Donovan's been a total pain, but Keegan had the best nights sleep he's ever had, didn't even climb into our bed last night - amazing. I won't say all my worrying was for nothing, but I'm grateful it went so well. They are now peacefully playing Sorry, I'm sure the mid-morning ice cream and otter pops didn't hurt.

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