Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everybody's Kung Fu Dancing

Well, except my kids, they opted out of the dancing. Yesterday we got to go to a Kung Fu Panda party, sponsored by HP, who provided all sorts of fun things for the kids, including a giant Panda. It wasn't real, though, as Keegan confirmed, just a guy in a Panda suit. Poor kid is continually disappointed at these fakers in their costumes. A big hit were the amazing crafts (available on the HP website) , pandas and pagodas and stuff that I've promised to make for my kids even though it's level: difficult and probably beyond my skills.

I was a little bummed that, unlike at the Disney Party, where the video games were tucked away in the second room, these were right out in the open and my kids made a beeline. I wasn't willing to wrestle the controllers away from the little gamers, but they did get to play with the laptops and were completely mesmerized. I shouldn't have been surprised, since we deprive them so much at home, although I had told them all about the other stuff on the way.

Keegan's response to the promise of play dough - "boring," but Donovan said he'd play with it, and made an adorable pink, blue and white panda, just like Po. Keegan gave a thumbs up to decorating the take-out cartons, and both said they'd try to pick up gummy bears with chopsticks and wanted to learn the kung fu dance. Shockingly, these little boys did not live up to their promises to do all this stuff. Eh.

Here's what they did love, besides the video games. Donovan made an adorable pink, blue and white panda (no black available) and nearly had a tantrum when we could not make the HP Panda kit immediately right now. I did print out the panda and started scoring and cutting it out. They loved the little take-out boxes and "cootie catchers" (I'd never heard them called that.)
The food was excellent (think we're going to have to have chocolate covered strawberries at Donovan's next birthday) and Keegan even spent quite a bit of time trying to solve the place mat puzzle. The goody bag kept them fighting entertained on the way home, although I'm hoping the game stays out of site out of mind. Thanks Silicon Valley Moms Blog and HP for a great time. Can't wait to see the movie.

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2008

    Sounds like your party was super cool too!

    Glad your guys had such a good time :)