Monday, February 11, 2008

Go Disney, Thank You Disney

Once again I am thankful for the perks of being part of Silicon Valley Moms Blog, because I am certainly not being inundated by swiffers or coffee to sample from this little ol' blog. But on to the important part, we got to attend an awesome party Sunday afternoon put on by Disney, with characters and all. Of course the minute we got in line for the photo op, my son says "they aren't real, they're just people in costumes." Aack, jaded at 5. The younger one was just too scared, Santa was enough for him. He did decide he wanted to see Buzz Lightyear after they guy had left, so we spent about 15 minutes wandering around looking for him or his ship. The only way I got this picture was convincing my organized little boy that only a Mickey photo could go in his Disney photo album so we had to take one. So worth that little white lie.

There was lovely food, tasty turkey and salad, even make your own pasta, for the adults; and kid-friendly chicken strips, macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese for the young 'uns. Of course one my kids had 2 disney cookies and two chocolate covered strawberries for "dinner," while other had half a chicken strip, apple sauce and a few carrots. Guess which kid threw up in his sleep? Wrong! What's funny (okay, gross and wierd) is he totally denies it, insists it "was his dream of eating a Buzz Lightyear cookie coming out." He skipped the dessert since they didn't have ice cream.

Anywho, even better than the food and scrumptious desserts were the Disney-themed Potato Heads (he'll be friends with Darth Tator). Like many of the other little buggers, my son stocked up and made a little creation. Yes, that's a hand coming out of his nose. I filled a box for the sleepy-head, who's wearing the light-up ears we got in our goody bags.

Seems they ran out of potatos, so the friendly neighborhood Disney guy showed us the original potato head. We are so trying that.

We did a little prep for the party. I was driving the other day when my son screamed out "it's Mickey!" His totally unhelpful older brother insisted the antena topper was actually a bee, and we never confirmed it, but I did chime in with "we might see Mickey on Sunday!"

"The real one?" was the immediate response.

"Well, maybe, or maybe just a picture" I brought them back down to reality, because how the heck did I know who would be there? Later we even saw "the mom and dad" (Minnie and Mickey) on car seat covers. As noted above, those were way less scary to my kids than the "real" ones.

Now, show of hands, who else would use this opportunity to avoid an actual trip to Disney (okay, I actually want to go even more now, even though my son "hates princesses.")


  1. So glad my daughter isn't the only one who thinks that M&M were super scary. She's still talking about how scared she was!

  2. looked very fun. I'm with you on avoiding disneyland. UGH!

  3. My son loved them on Sunday, my daughter...not so much. :-)

  4. It was great to meet you there! .. Fun pictures. .. The hand coming out of Mr. Potato's nose. L-O-V-E I-T!