Sunday, February 10, 2008

Photohunt: Heavy

New Year's Resolution, don't be late for Photohunt again. Okay, those resolutions thingies are over, but I grabbed some stuff. When you're late, and live in the burbs, you don't exactly have heavy stuff lying around, either. I know my TV is exceptionally heavy, but am just not going to post a picture of that.

Heavy beer? Mmm...this is from a "mystery pack" from Trader Joes.
This would be heavy if the jewels were real. Happy Birthday little guy.

And my husband says these ears were surprisingly heavy. Must be the electronics running the lights. More where this come from in a later post.

For more heavy stuff go to .


  1. Good creativity around 'heavy'!

  2. Wonderfully creative choices, but maybe we wanna see your tv?!

  3. That Henninger beer photo... Henninger is my family name!! Now it's been so many decades since my family has been in the USA that I have no idea if we were part of the originators. Great Photohunt collection!

  4. All great photos. Don't know which one would be heavier. Happy week.