Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Voting...and packing avoidance

Here I am at almost 9pm, having barely started packing my office. What is wrong with me? It's a fricken small cubicle and I will probably throw a lot of stuff away, and yet, I simply do not want to do this. The movers are coming at 8am, so that leaves me no choice.

But I did drive my absentee ballot over to the closest polling station, which was totally empty. It was 7:30pm, but it seems like they have them every 1/2 mile around here, which is great. I'm really excited, and scared. Please, please, please let a democrat win. Sadly I had just come around to Edwards when he dropped out. Ah well, his wife was better, anyway. I think my dad is still voting for Kucinich, and there are a handful of people voting for my dad. My husband took the kids, but doubt he documented it with photos.

Enough rambling, can someone please come over and help me pack?

My spell check stopped working, so please excuse any typos.


  1. I'm with you on the Democrats...I think we have a good chance!

  2. I hate packing too...if you are throwing a lot out, it should go fast! Good Luck :)