Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Son Needs an Shot of Imagination

Every week as part of his homework Keegan has to write the Spanish word for a picture. They really don't care which word they use (e.g. for a picture of a hand they might write mano or dedos. Here's the picture from yesterday (a very similar one, at least). Three guesses what that is, first two don't count.

Keegan: "What's pony in Spanish?" (they are allowed to use a dictionary, and
of course we don't have one yet so I look it up on the web.)

Me: "Is that what that is?" I say. I normally don't care. but I
couldn't believe they didn't know what this was.

Keegan: "Yes, it's a pony."

Me: "Does a pony have a horn? What other animal has a horn?"

Donovan gets in on the fun: "A horse?"

This goes on for a few minutes and I give up. "It could also be a unicorn, have you heard of a unicorn?"

Nope, and clearly no interest in expanding their knowledge at 7:30pm.

I tell him "Potro is pony, and unicornio is unicorn"

Keegan: "Just tell me what pony is."

Oh my poor son. It started at the Disney party, when after getting a little excited at Mickey and Minnie he realized "they're just actors in costumes, they aren't real." Even poor Curious George who appeared at a book store got the shaft, "That wasn't the real one, the real one is a little monkey."

We were at the Children's Discovery Museum the other day and I said "hey, there's a carrot over there." Donovan is thrilled. Keegan's face falls, "it's just a person dressed as a carrot." Seriously, what exactly was he expecting? A giant carrot come to life?

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