Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photohunt: Free Week

We get to post anything this week, whew that makes it really hard or really easy. I'm getting so envious of everyone with their fancy SLR cameras, and I can't even find my cheap digital so these days they are all iPhone photos.

First (and I swear I had the idea before seeing hers :) here is my son's super plant. They planted beans for one of the science days, and for no apparent reason three of the beans just shot right up (no pun intended). My husband ran out (okay, four days later) and bought a pot, dirt and cute little wormy thing to tell when it needs water. We are pretty much black thumbs (I seem to recall a dead plastic plant in our house growing up), so I'm hoping Keegan has inherited his grandmothers' green thumbs.

And here we have the master grower, scarfing down an ice cream cone. Lets just pretend he's gawking at his plant.

For more of what I'm sure are excellent photos, head over to .


  1. aw thanks for commenting on my photo! :) *beams* your son is very handsome! Hope you can find your digital now...

  2. Yes, he's gawking at his plant!! =)

    BTW, good photos for phone photos!! =)

  3. Good luck with your plant! I've got black thumbs too so I'm astounded that all the new plantlife in the house is still alive.