Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photohunt: Glass

Here the boys are at the aquarium.

Looking through the glass...this was a cool little tunnel the kids could crawl through and I peeked in at the and snapped this.

Here's one of the plants in the tank, which of course is behind glass.

I didn't not capture the awesomeness of this place, but every few minutes a huge waterfall would pour down outside this place, making it look like we were going to get soaked. We stayed here for quite a while, and got to see it from the outside as well.

Go look through more glass at .


  1. glassy it is! :-)
    please visit mine, i have a different take on the theme...

    believe me.. when it rains, it pours! --wirelessbliss

  2. The aquarium is a tremendous choice for finding glass to photograph. Our grandkids took their cousin to the aquarium last week. One of them was not happy with the tip (He's the one that is often of the opposite opinion from anyone else.) We told him each time we went somewhere that we were going back to the aquarium and offered it as a prize occasionally the rest of the week.

    My glass is from some excursions as well.

  3. i love the third photo. it is a nice feeling to see how kids are awed looking at glass panels.

  4. What a great choice for the theme!

  5. we are such birds of a feather. I love the waterfall thingy. We spent a long time over there as well.

  6. We heart Monterey Bay Aquarium too!

  7. Thanks for the comment on my picture!

    I love the pictures.. Great shots! I bet that place was beautiful.

  8. glass helps us enjoy things we never would be able to