Friday, April 4, 2008

Can you say creepy?

Raise of hands, who sent their ultrasound photo out to show friends and family? I think I sent my first one out, that you could barely even tell in the grey fuzzyness. The next, my husband thought was cool, I frankly thought was alien-like with the spine and such. I keep it in the "I will eventually make a baby book box." Here's what I didn't do with it.

Sonogram on a cookie - ewww.

One of my more fun jobs at work is to find giveaways and promotional items, and in my search for a square item I stumbled upon these. Fortunately I have a more creative type than me working to find ideas, but am always open to suggestions.


  1. I made copies of the ultrasound photo and included it in our Christmas card the year we got pregnant. I can't believe I just admitted that.

    The cookie is a little weird. OK, a lot weird.

  2. wow, *that* was worth checking out! fabulously icky! your new DCMetro Moms pal...

  3. I'm creeped out too.

    "Mmmm. What a yummy placenta!"

  4. It is funny that you should post this because I was just helping to plan a baby shower and we were talking about personalizing the invitations and found myself suggesting we place a sonogram picture on it. As soon as the suggestion came out of my mouth, I realized how crazy I sounded. I guess we can all occasionally lose track of our boundaries.

  5. But at least even then nobody would be eating it.

  6. yikes!
    Even though I was SO EXCITED with every aspect of pregnancy- sometimes annoyingly perky even,

    I never did anything with my ultrasound pic b/c I thought my (now beautiful) son looked like a cat in utero...

    the cookies are WAY too much, even for me :)

  7. LOL! MMmm...placenta. I was thinking, "Mmm...fetus..." Yes, this is too creepy. And I thought the fetus ornaments were creepy. This takes the cake. haha! cake!