Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meal Planning Monday - the Lame Version

Taking another page from the cooking mama CityMama, here's my farmer's market haul for the week and some plans for dinner.

  • Keegan got $5 and bought and apple and a bunch of tangerines, for a net profit of $2. He thought he really scored there, I educated him on the correct way to earn money.
  • Chicken Apple sausages and breakfast smoked bacon and maple flavored sausages - yum
  • Several kinds of lettuce
  • Radishes and baby carrots
  • WW and Popeye bread
  • Dried apricots
  • Strawberries
  • Still have a cauliflower from last week

Now I'm going to try to branch out beyond the nuggets, mac & cheese, burritos, pizza and stir-frys that make up our normal dinners. Lately, I've been serving customized meals - string cheese or shrimp as the "main course," depending on the kid, with frozen peas and snap peas.

Sunday - Burritos with the radishes and lettuce
Monday - Fresh Choice for school fundraiser (but I we did eat the bread and strawberries for breakfast and lunch)
Tuesday - Cauliflower soup and sausages
Wednesday - who knows, daddy gets home late, so likely salad for me, mac n cheese for them
Thursday - Crab melts and salad and green beans
Friday - marinating chicken, rice, green beans

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