Sunday, March 2, 2008

MarNoBlo 2: How to Amuse yourself at Work

In honor of being at the office at 8:30pm on a Sunday night, day to of MaNaMoBlo or whatever it's called is going to be all about work. Sound boring? Well, it probably is, but have no fear, it's at least about fun things you or your kids can do if you're stuck here some time. I don't mind working outside of "work hours," but I'm only here as I'm playing around with large photos which are not conducive to wireless at home, where Adobe Photoshop also tends to get all pissy for some reason.

But back to the matter at hand. Since I don't work in one of those fun start-ups with the cubicle basketball and snack rooms, we make do with what we have, which does include a fussball table, but it's all the way over the cafe (no, we do not call it a cafeteria 'round these here parts of Silicon Valley).
  1. Walk around trying to find amusing signs, like the one above found in a bathroom or in our parking lots. Guess they were having some problems.

  2. Play with all the giveaways I've collected over the years, including the recent floam at SPIE, fun feathery pens, and whatever this thing is called.

  3. Walk around see who has candy or other goodies. I've done this too many times, and once found a drawer full of regular sized candy bars. I had to block that from my memory so I wouldn't take the whole stash (it was the admin for the software group, natch).

  4. Drawing on the white board is always fun, just make sure your kid doesn't end up using permanent marker, oops. I brought my son in yesterday just for a quick stop (he chose that over going to watch soccer with dad), and he nearly had a tantrum when we left before he could draw in a conference room he found. Way better than the park.
  5. Toys and more toys...why people have toys at their desk, I am not sure, but this women really takes the cake (a coworker of mine, who's kids are teenagers and older btw). The last time my son came in several sweet guys dropped off trucks and other cool things for them.

  6. Not that I ever do this, but, uh, surf the internet, and blog.

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  1. sounds like your late nights at work are actually fun!