Saturday, March 1, 2008

NeenerMo Day 1: The BoobTube

I didn't even try last year, but decided to go for this NaBloPoMo thingy over yonder. It's every month now, so I have lots of chances to fail start over when if I miss a day. The theme for March is lists, which I hope will make it easier, but it took me all day to think of something for today. In honor of the first half of the finale of Project Runway, where the big ol' cross-dressing costume designer Chris just lost, boo hoo, I'll be posting my favorite TV shows. I so thought he should have won, even with the creepy human hair. I think they were just biased over his oddness. Sure Rami can drape like the dickens, but that coat? Holy Hell. But what the heck do I know? I mostly shop at Target, and I'm not one of those, oh, the fancy suits and heels I used to wear before kids... My only real designer clothes came from Filene's Basement, and my most expensive shoes come from Zappos and DSW. You can see the kids inherited my keen fashion sense.

Without further ado, these are the shows I watch have on my DVR to watch when I have a free moment and my husband isn't hogging the TV with another soccer game. In no particular order...

  1. House - dreamy, witty, funny, fascinating, getting a bit predictable - just saw the rerun with the Plague, too cool

  2. Pysche - even better than Monk, IMHO, although can't get my husband to watch it. Hilarious!

  3. Monk - still totally excellent, funny, painful, fascinating

  4. Project Runway - didn't even see all of those, but the only reality show I watch. Hard to watch with my husband in the room.

  5. Eli Stone - still up in the air here, but with the writers strike and end of season, really, there is not that much to watch.

  6. Always excellent Daily Show and Colbert Report, when I'm up

  7. Simpsons, South Park - we tape all of these but it's hard to remember out when the new ones come on. Still high quality TV after all these years.

  8. Family Guy, American Dad - pure LOL silliness

Shows I miss - Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, boo hoo

Shows I'm waiting for to finally come back: 24, Big Love, Entourage, Extras, My Name is Earl, The Office

I think perhaps I watch too much TV. Actually, I've been really good lately, getting more work done while actually at work, reading and sleeping more, which means blogging less. Eh well, somethings gotta give. Sorry for the lack of links, just didn't have the energy to look them all up.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much we love TEVO... what did we do before TEVO was invented??!!

  2. xiaolinmamaMarch 05, 2008

    I love TIVO too! I also love the OFfice and can't wait to see what happens tonight for the Runway finale. We shoulda gotten together for a MNO - Project Runway! ALas - we'll have next year!