Monday, March 3, 2008

MaBlo Day 3: Bedtime Routine List...NOT

Got a little confession to make here, when I put the kids to bed (I originally wrote away, what's that all about?), especially when the dads gone and I am solely in charge, I've got a goal that they fall asleep on the couch. Is that bad? We read between 2 and 10 books, depending on how quickly we can get through dinner, play, fights, teeth brushing, homework and general tantrum behavior, which is inversely proportional to the amount of wine I need, and if we're lucky, at least one kid falls asleep. We usually sleep with them as they fall asleep, so it's a bit hard when only one adult is present. Plus add in the factor that D will cry if mommy doesn't stay until he falls asleep, and K is scared to be in his bed alone, but caves when his little brother cries.

The excitement that is my life, huh? I'm not really going to publish a bedtime routine list, that would be really boring. Instead let me leave you with some links to some funny News of the Weird.

  1. Circus performers going through a divorce, where the act involves one shooting an apple of the head of the other. Fortunately she is a professional.
  2. Students were sleeping in cardboard boxes in 18C weather "in supposed solidarity with the area's homeless population." Only thing, they'd brought DVD players and movies, and ducked into the gym when they got cold or bored.

And the best podcasts on NPR right now:

  1. Car Talk
  2. Satire from the Unger Report
  3. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
  4. This Amerian Life

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