Monday, October 1, 2007

Shameless Blog Copying

I'm not trying to live the fabulous Citymama's life, but I have recently taken a page or two from her book, er, yummy blog, familyfood. First I went out an bought some bento boxes, since the multitude of Koren markets are conveniently located halfway between work and home. My son was so excited he immediately made his lunch, using mostly leftovers from that day's lunch.
Next time I'll have to drag my Korean co-workers along so I can actually read some of the stuff. All I came home with in terms of food was soba and soba sauce (I do know Japanese food) and my attempt at Korean soy sauce to make this. It came out a bit salty but she's totally right, not spicy, even the cooked peppers. I also made her chicken leg dish, yum! I used Trader Joes Chinese 5 Spice sauce, but really want to get some of her suggestions.

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  1. Mmmmmm! I just clicked over to read the recipe. I'm totally going to try making that this weekend.