Monday, October 1, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

I've been trying to make a lot of changes for longer than I can remember, so this Project Life Change post came at a perfect time. I admit when I started to read this on Citymama's blog I was thinking she wanted us all to join her in a group quitting of our jobs :)

I'm not going to discuss any "relationship" changes, but I really think if I can address those I can do on my own, I can focus on the rest. I've made a few changes lately, which is good as in the past few months I've felt like only thing in my life I wanted to keep the same was being a mom to my adorable children. I was pretty miserable otherwise. We did work out so the kids only have 1/2 care two days a week, with my husband picking them up. The move has worked wonders with the commute, allowing me to pick up the kids and avoid conversations with my mom - a real win-win. Of course it's killing our finances, but one step at a time.

The biggest change I need is a new job. I'm lucky right now in that I don't have much work, so I can volunteer at kindergarten, stay home if the kids are sick and make time for blogging. On the other hand, if you've ever worked in a high tech company not having enough work will lead to the inevitable. The only question is whether to wait for a package, pursue an internal job or bite the bullet at leave the company. After 13 years it would be really nice to have a paid vacation severance package, but the grass sure looks green out there. I don't know if I can ever supply a satisfactory answer to "but why do I have to go to the YMCA?" but I want to at least be happy in a job.

One of my latest goals is to, I can barely say it, lose weight, eech. I absolutely hate the word diet, and I wanted my fitness goals to be about about healthy eating, getting my body fit so I could keep up with the kids, and setting a good example. But I have not weighed this much since I was pregnant, and my clothes just don't fit right. So there it is - I've got boot camp 3x week at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am and cutting down on sweets and carbs. I sure hope that works. And it's not my fault my parents brought over chocolate covered caramel and macadamia nuts and my husband opened them before I had a chance to give them away.

So other than money, body, job and the occasional foot pain, I'm pretty much set here. Thanks Stefania and Grrrlfriend Jess, for giving me another kick to get going.


  1. I feel like everyone is going through the same thing right now. It's so hard to deal with change... we all just need to hang together!

  2. Change is never easy and lifestyle changes seem to be the hardest. Best Wishes to you on your Life Change Project!

  3. Lifestyle changes...weight, health, foot pain...unsettled feeling in job/career...are you my doppelganger?
    I wish you luck. I'm not sure where I'm going and which changes are truly doable.