Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meeting Elizabeth Edwards

Thanks to Jill, the co-founder of Silicon Valley and other mom blogs, the contributors over there (including me!) got to meet Ms. Edwards, some of them for the 2nd time. I'd seen her talk at Blogher and read about her interactions with some bloggers, so I was not surprised at what a lovely person she was. But more than that, she was just so genuine, sincere and happy. After hearing her talk at Blogher, one strong impression I came away with was just how giving she and John were. They talked about giving back to the community during their wedding vows of all things.
She did the "politician" thing, shaking everyones hands and giving us all big smiles. She also clearly remembered the women she'd met before, which she just really didn't have to do IMHO. She's not the one running (much to our dismay), so that "role" with her seems just something that comes naturally.

The best thing, she just comes across as so happy, really enjoying herself. I'm glad we've got people willing to put themselves out there, work for the greater good so to speak, but I firmly believe that the pursuit of happiness should be a goal for all of us. And I really think that's what she's doing. I don't think the goal of hers is to be this powerful first lady, hosting fancy balls and spending hours deciding on a dress. But supporting her husband in the pursuit of his goals, and supporting her personal causes (advocate for military families, breast cancer reasearch, and after school programs to name a few) in her own way, and on a bigger scale.

It's hard to know what I would do in her situation, but I tend to think I would spend my free time getting pampered at a spa, rather than get on the road talking to people. While I agree with Bongamom, within that smile and warmth she seemed tired, I think she's smart enough to take care of herself and she certainly had energy.

I don't need to repeat all that was said, we have several bloggers who did that admirably. The point about her husband (and she as well most likely) visiting other countries and gaining trust around the world, particularly with young Muslims, greatly appealed to me. I'm not completely sure who'll I'll vote for yet, but it will definitely be someone who's not planning to aggressively push a Christian agenda. The way he's running his campaign, where his actions and vision are designed to make a difference whether he wins or not, is comendable and impressive.
Thank you so much Elizabeth, for showing you care, all the time you've taken with us mommies and bloggers and mommy bloggers. Good luck to you and your whole family.


  1. I so wish I could have made it. Neville severly sprained his ankle on Friday, so there was no way I could leave him alone with D. Love reading all the recaps from the SVM'ers.

  2. I liked John Edwards as a candidate four years ago. I'm hearing great things about his wife; I hope we get to hear more about him now!