Saturday, July 28, 2007

Liveblogging from Blogher: Health Care questions breakout for 2008 Election

This is in the questions for the 2008 elections for candidates... We were given a list of questions, we can add some and then we vote on our top three. The official name of the session is:

Earn Our Votes: What Questions Do Women Bloggers Want Candidates to Answer in Election 2008?

I'm just blogging the breakout session, which is on Health care. The other sessions were on environment, war in Iraq and economy.

New Questions - I summarized these myself, didn't copy them from the flip chart so I apologize if I didn't capture them completely.
  1. Allocate funds fairly to people at all stages of life, address bureaucracy?
  2. Mental Health parity - covering mental health drugs?
  3. How to we give doctors back the right to decide what we need?
  4. How can we talk about health care without making it a partisan issue, politicizing it? Lead us in a real debate without politicizing it, bringing science, not religion into it.
  5. (go Chicago Moms Blog - goddess musings)
  6. What is your health care plan? Not lead them with questions, just give plan overview and how would you fund it?
  7. How do you fit in long-term disabilities (physical and mental) where the care is not going to lead to a fix? E.g. veterans
  8. What, to them, is family-friendly health care policy?
  9. Where health care on your priority list? (e.g. compared to education, etc.)

There were a lot of great questions, and I'll to provide a link. The questions were just a smidgen biased. We didn't have a long time to choose so I just picked fairly quickly. My choices were: health insurance for all US children, stem cell research and preventative medicine.

There was a really great discussion and could not capture them all. The final three questions were:
  1. Rationing care - we can't afford to give everyone everything they want, particularly end of life. How to we ration and allocate health care resources?
  2. How to you intend to make sure everyone gets health insurance?
  3. How to we get birth control universally supported worldwide? (will you support it being covered?)
And on a lighter note, gave our cute little bags.

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