Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 2 of Blogher

I'm having an awesome excellent time here at Blogher, and am just so glad I came.

Some highlights of my fun-filled time so far:

  • Yumulicious pear martinis on night one. And free thanks to Goodyblog and Parents Magazine.
  • Met some nice women who let me cram in about 10 minutes worth of conversation in our five minute visit: CheekyAttitude (who lives right near my house for sale) and AntiqueMommy (who so does not look antique at all) and who's two most recent posts managed to make me cry and laugh. I've met lots of great women, these were just the two most recent.
  • Completely chatted VĂ©ronique's ear off last night at the cocktail hour (more free drinks and wine) then tried to counterbalance my food and drink intake with a big salad, which was followed by that sweet and cruncy carmel popcorn I've heard so much about, thanks to Kim. I talked to her so much she nearly couldn't get her dinner.
  • Collected oodles of swag, and haven't even received my very own SV Moms bag. For the boys a giant pen, cute Cherry red t-shirt, magnet words and for me a lovely green laptop bag, martini glass and lots more I haven't opened yet.

Okay, really have to listen to the political stuff now.

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  1. We made the highlights! Whoo!

    Glad you had fun. :)