Sunday, June 3, 2007

We moved!

You know that feeling you get when you're staying in a spacious timeshare or hotel room, relaxing to the fullest and you think, "wow, I could live here." Now imagine moving the entire contents of your household into that space - aack! The place is actually pretty nice, but really no character with the while walls, matching rooms and standard fridge. But after spending almost the entire day yesterday outside I realize it is totally worth it.

The new apartment complex had a summer party yesterday, with balls and squirt guns, bubbles and balloons, and more watermelon than even my big guy could eat. Of course now the kids will expect this every weekend. We then took the dogs over to the park where we met some really nice people, who unfortunately were all from out of town. It's a tiny little park with only baby swings, but I can't imagine it will ever get crowded, so great to hang with our friendly but hyper doggies.

My poor kids though are having a tough time finding our place. The dwellings all look exactly the same, and my younger guy will swear each one is our place. He's having tantrums-a-plenty and I have to talk him down each time, or simply leave him to decide for himself whether he wants to live with us or with the family who's apartment he swears is ours. Boy does he LOVE that hot tub, though, which is way too hot for his brother. How long should a 3YO hang out in a 100 degree tub?

I met some of the apartment-dwellers, but so far the kids my sons' age were girls and the boys were either several years older or younger, so no bonding was done. We've got all summer, though, and really hope they make some friends. An unbelievably diverse crowd as well. My old neighborhood was mainly Hispanic, with black and white in the mix. A nearby park we visited while apartment hunting was all Indian and Asian-American, while the Mountain View one nearest the new kindergarten is heavily Latino. It was very cool to see the great mix of folks who live there among

We also got our cable and Internet set up, woohoo! No wireless yet, and my darn work firewall prevented me from using my own computer, but I'm working on that. Off to the old house for another 6 boxes of stuff. Successfully avoided helping get the kids to bed for the third night in a row, but that means I'll arrive to find the kids in my bed of course.

My multi-tasks of the day - unpacking while bathing the kids and unpacking while making them breakfast.


  1. Very enjoyable blog read! I think you are doing great. Hope your settling in period goes smoothly ;0)

    thistledown (from Maya's Mom)

  2. great start! It's good that your neighborhood is so diverse. There is so much hate in this world. It will be good for you and the kids. I'm into a blog exhcange....Not many people get that idea...
    essentially it is subscribing to each others blog...
    You don't have to if you don't want to..but it is can either subscribe to each others or read and comment.
    here is my addy
    I loved reading your blog.

  3. Congrats on your move. Your new place sounds wonderful, and I'm sure the boys will adjust after a while. Nice to hear the dogs get some perks too!

  4. Ugh. Moving. Hate it.

    Yay. Your blog. Loved it.