Thursday, May 31, 2007

The day so far

The day I've been dreaming about finally happened. The kids actually slept past 7:30am with me in the bed (they do this quite often when it's just dad in there.) Usually at least one is up by 6, demanding chocolate milk and TV and instant gratification, mommy's schedule be damned. Par for the course, one crawled in during the middle of the night, and the other joined us in the wee hours, but my subliminal messages (that is, I was too tired to remember exactly what was said) finally worked their magic and I woke up at 7:30, arm around one munchkin sleeping peacefully. I hopped in the shower and there were no tears when the little guy stumbled in to wait for me.

Unfortunately, the usual scramble to leave left me yelling at the kids - "Don't hit your brother" is a common refrain, but "do not disobey me" was definitely a first. I must find a better way to get that darn kid into his car seat. I really, really try not to run late, as my brain gets so frazzled I miss turns and end up making horrible driving errors. There are several routes to the school, and the one I take depends on time, traffic that I can see, and some wierd instinct I just can't seem to control. So I opted for freeway, 2nd exit and carpool lane. This means scooting over several lanes in a very small amount of time, and dammit if I didn't space and almost miss it. At the risk of being arrested, I actually drove up a dirt hill to get on the exit due to the 10-15 minutes it would have taken to turn around. Bad, bad, bad - not to mention another first ("Don't tell anyone about this").

My little faux pas did launch one kid into an explanation of what you should not do to your cars and what mechanics can do to fix your car.

I'm going to leave each post with one of my many many multitasking efforts...this morning it was shoving workout clothes in a bag, to use while I test out the YMCA while I sign the kids up for camp, and adding teddy bears and puppy blanket that were in my bed to the bag to be transferred to son's bag. Whew.

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