Monday, June 4, 2007

Seven Minutes!

That, folks, is how long my commute is now. And not just a shorter commute, but hardly any traffic compared to the rickety highway from hell I was stuck on before. I can't exactly wake up, hop in the car and get to work of course, what with kids and bootcamp and such, but the plan is well underway to totally reduce our driving, not to mention the hundreds we shell out for gas. My husband said the gas station near our house is only $3.34- yikes that that is a low price.

I could even ride my bike to work, if I wasn't worried about getting killed on Central Expressway, which is truly the easiest route and in theory bike-friendly. In reality there are some nutso drivers racing to get to work.

So how cool is this for my new location?

Park - across the street

Starbucks - 1/2 mile

Big park - 0.7 miles

Work - 4 miles

Bootcamp - 3 miles

It's heaven, although with a good "This American Life" episode the old drive was really not that bad. I just feel so less hurried and it's only the first day.

This morning my son asked if grandma and grandpa were ever going to pick them up from school again, now that we live here. I used that as an excuse to have them pick them up tonight so I could by shower curtains after work, what fun. They also want to see the place, and I'm sure my mom will say nice things, and if not I'll cover my ears and hum.

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