Friday, August 24, 2007

My Super Duper Family Friendly Subaru

To my Subaru Outback,

You have got many little problems. There's the whooshing sounds that appears at high speeds down the highway, but I guess I can blame me for the accident and the body shop for the superficial repair. The CD player hasn't worked in ages, most likely it's the chocolate gelt stuck in there, again not your fault. And we've got the peeling paint, the random scratches, not to mention the lovely habit of your alarm going off when any random stranger hits their alarm button. You've forced me to pretend I just don't own you at those times, but I always come back.
But lets face it, at over 100,000 miles you are still going strong, keeping my family safe and have not had a single mechanical problem after several long and grueling road trips. I bought you when pregnant with my little guy and you provided a comfy rest for my aching back and a safe haven for the puppies. You came from a family expecting their third child, and your kid-friendliness is what keeps me happy.
I do apologize for the use of you as a jungle gym, trash can and sand repository for the kids, and the bumps and scrapes I helped you acquire. You remain a great drive, although my so did ask why my sister's new caddy drove so much faster (I think he meant smoother and quieter). But as long as you get me where I'm going, keep my family happy and allow me to say I drive an "Outback" not a station wagon you're a keeper.

Not my car, but kind of sweet, eh?

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  1. Love this! Especially the part about the wooshing sound down the highway~