Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Stuff, including a Squirrel on Fire

I'm off again for work, this time to beautiful Switzerland.  I'll try to get some shots there, but in the meantime, I leave this blog with some random going ons from our life.

Turns out Donovan can give Keegan a, well, pseudo-piggy back ride down the hall.  I won't show the attempts by Keegan to carry Donovan, he was not nearly as successful.  It's amazing how they can argue over a little Foosball game, but do this without injury.

Lookie what I found at the farmer's market - duck eggs.  The first time I served them Keegan said he didn't like them, and Donovan complained he didn't get one.  You can see how much bigger Mr. Duck is, but the flavor is really not vastly different.  Keegan came to his senses.
Someone at school has started "Family field trips" - afternoon or weekend gatherings at a neighborhood park or museum, and we managed to catch them at the Cantor Art museum at Stanford, on a rainy afternoon before a soccer game.  The modern art exhibits were definitely a favorite.

If you're a This American Life fan, you may have heard the "Squirrel Cop" story, and oldie but a favorite.  Many years ago, we received a paint-by-number kit as a donation thank you gift, including the illustration of the hilarious Squirrel on Fire story.  Check out what Donovan and I accomplished.  Here's the actual...


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