Monday, March 28, 2011

Field Trip Thwarted

I finally got to chaperone a field trip, and it happened to be to one of our most favorite places.

I was in charge of these five boys.  One parent couldn't come, and for some reason I was trusted with an extra kid.  I set up some ground rules, which did not include no silly faces.
Clearly my kids did not inherit my fear of escelators.
Role playing at the Tech.  This is where they would have spent their whole time if there had been more computers and we hadn't forced them to "go do something else!" 

Hmm...this doesn't look like the Tech museum?  It is actually a pretty cool park next to HP Pavillion, which I'd never seen in the daytime.  Alas, our plans, including an IMAX show :( were foiled when a massive power outage occured in San Jose - 12,000 lost power for a few hours.  The kids clearly had a blast (so need one of these at school), but we will never get our field trip back. 

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  1. Heh. I'm chaperoning a field trip tomorrow - and we've already been warned that if it starts raining, it is off. Sigh!