Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365...a year of photos

Since I take all my orders from facebook these days, I've decided to jump on the Project 365 photo project of redundancy project - wait, where was I?  Anyway, I am going to attempt to take enough photos each day to find one to post.  I can't promise I'll get to posting every day, but at least I'll get some more to blog about.  Here are my first four.

This is officially Dec. 31, but I'm pretending it's the first of the year.  We discovered the US Speedskating championships were going on at the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City, where we spent our holidays visiting my mother-in-law.  This was the 10,000M mens race, the last two entrants.  We didn't get to see the short track, but every one of the contestants was pretty impressive.  We did a little of our own skating as well, and scored some great shirts they were selling at amazing prices, plus a couple Colbert Nation caps.

Here's one of my favorite sledding photos, Donovan taking the lead with his little friend, who's letting us share her new spider blow-up sled.  Very comfy.  I've winterized this, adding a icy border.  We miss the snow, although I sure don't miss having freezing toes.

Donovan is very proud of this Geode, as well he should be.  He got a box of them as a late Christmas gift, and the instructions said to place them in an old sock and take a hammer to the little rocks.  This one took forever to break.  We all tried and he finally managed to get it open.  I highly recommend this little science project.

The good news about playing futsal at MACSA is all the cool murals on the walls, the bad news is the awful lighting. Kids did great at their game tonight.  It was at 8pm and there were no subs so a score of 5-6 was not too shabby.

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