Monday, December 13, 2010

It Could Still be Hannukah

Hanukkah came super early this year, and I was all over it.  Last year I decided to take this holiday a little more seriously, meaning I would actually remember to light the menorah on the 1st day, have more than 1 or 2 presents wrapped by then and I even have two parties, to increase the chances people would show up in this busy holiday season.  No party this year, but I did make homemade latkes (kids preferred the Trader Joe's version) and found the Menorahs I'd purchased last year, a total bonus.  Sadly I never made it over to the Jewish store (of course I was in the area on a Saturday), so had to splurge on fancy beeswax candles at BBB, one of the only places with Hanukkah goods (disclaimer, I never checked Target). 

(why yes I'm still having much fun with Picnik)

We started a new tradition, to add to our Christmas one, which is to see The Meshuganutracker at the Retrodome.  It was great, although since the kids have never actually seen the original Nutcracker, Donovan was disappointed and kept asking where the nutcracker was.  The idea is Hanukkah stories told and sung to the music of the Nutcracker, with a lot of great puns thrown in for good measure.   They even had dreidels, latkes, Psycho jelly donuts (Sufganiyot) and Gelt for snacks.   My kids of course convinced Grandpa to get them lots of candy.  It was funny and super entertaining, as are all the shows there.  We've been to Santastic the past two years, and provided a last minute soccer tournament doesn't get in the way hope to see it this weekend.

A shout-out to Tinyprints for free Hanukkah cards...they had a special (among many specials) for 5 free Hanukkah cards, and I had them sent to all my family.  They were customized and just wonderful. the kids loved them - my dad barely remembered receiving his, just focused on how I had time to create a card.  Nice to see a company, even if it was a card company, truly embracing all the holiday.  They are down the street and I actually got to tour their company (blog post in the works), but that had nothing to do with this special.

Next up, my annual dog-walking iPhone photo tour of the neighborhood lights.

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  1. Next year I might have to join you for the Meshuganutcracker. Just the name is too funny for words. happy belated Hanukkah.