Monday, November 29, 2010

Class Photo Time

Stole this idea from Stimey...and because, let's face it, I love showing off my kids.

I think these class photos really capture their school attitude.  It's also so cool my kids get to go to school right on the beach.

Keegan, who tolerates but refuses to enjoy any part of school.  Really, he was just fed up with the photographer and how long he took with the class photo.  Enough with the smiling already.

Donovan might not want to admit it, but he does enjoy school.  This weekend he read me his little assignments, so cute, and even said he missed school a bit, mostly recess with his brother.  The get along best when it's two agaist the world, in the backyard they'd rather annoy each other. 

He's still figuring out how to "smile for the camera." 

But then again, so am I. 

This was the morning of the SV Turkey Trot. 32deg, and the turkey beat me by a nose (my husband's joke).

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. You make me laugh. Like, why a beach background? That's the weirdest thing. And Donovan? Oh dear lord, the smile. He and Quinn could hang out.

    Also, I really, really like your husband's joke.

  2. You are all adorable. Esp. the turkey.